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     It has been long overdue, but the Amick Racing Team now has a YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure! I’ve got a great deal of the in car action I’ve captured from my car and Eric Mass’s car as well. I’ve also put some of the great compilation videos that Gillette Thunder Speedway has made from a few years ago. Be sure to subscribe to my channel, I’ll be doing my best to capture some more awesome in car camera footage so you can get a bit of a taste of what it’s like to wheel a race car around the track.
Those are just a couple of the video's, head over to the YouTube Channel to see them all!
     For those curious what I'm using for my camera set up, head on over to
They have since updating and added new gadgets to their lineup, but I'm using the PDR-100 for the recording; the 520 line bullet camera; and the EZ20 clamp mount. I've found this set up to be pretty reliable and works great in most light conditions. Just be sure to order some extra lens' if you get yourself one of these set ups. Murphy's Law will lead you to break a lens at the worst possible time.
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