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Some fun stories, history and updates we'd like to share with you.
I'll admit this news page is a bit lacking for news... so if you know of any good news stories about local racing let me know, I'd love to share them!

The Amick family story 5/17/05
Once upon a time, there was a family of racers that fielded 3 cars yearly. Not your average run of the mill race cars either. My favorite brothers Amick machines were the bright green ones; the one belonging to the youngest was dubbed “The Green Monster.” ...more...
Tribute to Marv Reagle 09/25/06
I'm not even sure where to begin writing this. On the one hand my heart has been heavy since hearing the news Sunday morning, but on the other hand, as I sit and reflect all of the times I was around Marv, I can't help but crack a smile or let out a slight chuckle as I remember how entertaining he ...more...
Show and tell 6/10/06
What better way to add some excitement to the school year as it winds to a close? My nephews Trae and Tyler honored our racing team by allowing us to show off our '06 car to their classes. ...more...
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